KGB Documents

Education, science

One of the most significant fields of ideological censorship was interference with the fields of education and science, which were important as a means of developing an individual’s worldview. The behaviour of the academic community (scientists, students), their relations with the Soviet authorities and their values were important due to their impact on society therefore the authorities strove to exploit them to achieve their own goals and punish those who disobeyed them. The KGB of the Lithuanian SSR saw to it that scientific research should be in line with the postulates of the Communist ideology and should exert a positive impact on society, i.e. the regime. The authorities also sought “to protect” them from an ostensibly negative influence of the West and independent public figures of the interwar period. The KGB tried to “educate” the scientists who did not please the authorities. Prophylaxis, imprisonment and career ruining were the measures adopted by the KGB. 

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