KGB Documents

Methods of KGB activities

Spectrum of KGB activity and tasks were very different like protection of soviet system from varies threat, control of society, stop anti-Soviet activity, neutralize “negative” impact of Western, stop espionage, s so it used varies methods to implements its tasks. First of all, the most important thing was to collect useful information and later use it to implement other tasks: to follow society mood, track activity of anti-Soviet persons, force collaborate with KGB, stop anti-Soviet activity or to punish by putting into prison, discredit and so on. Secrecy, coercion, fear, deterrence were main tools and aims of their activity. To implements these tasks, they used sometimes public source of information, but most their methods were secret like usage of secret surveillance methods, activity of secret collaborators, discredit and disinformation action mostly in the press, prophylaxis talks, putting person into mental hospital and if all these methods are not efficient so they put person into the prison.

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