KGB Documents

Control of economy sector

Supervision of the economic sector is included in the territory and information control system. The KGB had to ensure protection of strategic industrial, scientific and transport objects and that of confidential information. The KGB supervised the objects, which due to research carried out therein, production, security and confidentiality requirements set to them and departmental dependence (the Ministry of Defence) were referred to as regime ones. Counterintelligence divisions were responsible for following the rules of safe storage of confidential office-work, confidential documents at enterprises and institutions. Confidential documentation was kept in a safe place of each object. Confidentiality in enterprises, especially in regime ones, was important not only for safety purposes but also for the possibility to disseminate misinformation: biased and deliberately false information about a proper purpose of the enterprises working for the defence industry, ongoing works or departmental dependence was disseminated to both the local residents and foreign special services.  It was not only documents that were made secret in regime institutions but also the enterprise as an object itself (or its separate division, secret premises) were guarded so that outsiders should know as little as possible about its existence, its proper purpose and works being carried out therein (production, research).

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