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Intelligence activities were carried out by the 1st Division of the KGB of the Lithuanian SSR. It was an exceptional division of the KGB of the LSSR, since it was directly subject to the Head of the Soviet Security and had no employees in KGB territorial divisions. In addition, intelligence activities of the KGB of the LSSR was coordinated and controlled by the structural divisions of the First Chief Directorate (PGU) of the KGB of USSR according to individual types of activities. The diaspora was being curated by the 19th Division of the PGU, political intelligence was carried out by the RT Board, the foreign counter-intelligence – by the K Board, the illegal intelligence – by the S Board, and the scientific-technical intelligence – by the T Board.

The Intelligence Division was comprised of 4 subdivisions:

  • The 1st Division – diaspora, the 2nd Division took over this function from 1971;
  • The 2nd Division – political intelligence, the 1st Division from 1971 m;
  • The 3rd Division – the search for the illegals;
  • The 4th DR Division (active reserve) – scientific-technical intelligence;
  • Records and Archives Department.

Main functions of the 1st Division:

  • agency, operational and propaganda activities, directed against the activities of the diaspora aimed at the liberation of Lithuania;
  • political intelligence, i.e. collection of strategic information (political, military, scientific-technical) on NATO or other West countries, espionage by penetrating foreign special services or major international institutions, establishments and companies;
  • recruitment and infiltration of agents as well as application of secret measures (illegal intelligence), which should facilitate the performance of other tasks;
  • scientific-technical intelligence. Recruitment and infiltration of agents into the essential objects of industrial, scientific, commercial and transport sectors of the West countries in order to obtain the information of interest to the Soviet intelligence.
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