KGB Documents

Kazimieras Liaudis

Kazimieras Liaudis
Personal information
Date of birth
Secondary education
Secondary education
Civil career
1950-10-01 – 1950-10-01
First Secretary of the Committee of the Lithuanian Communist Party of Klaipėda Region
1947-05-01 – 1950-10-01
Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers
1945-01-01 – 1947-05-01
Secretory of Central Committee of the Lithuanian Communist Party
1919 – 1945
Work in the field of political and party education and service in the Navy of the Pacific Ocean
Service in security structures
1954-03-27 – 1959-10-30
Chairman of the KGB of the Lithuanian SSR
1953-12-09 – 1954-03-27
Minister of the Interior of Lithuanian SSR
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