KGB Documents

KGB and communist party

KGB in Baltic countries was important pillar of communist regime in occupied territories and assistant in implementing targets that were determined by communist ideology, international and inner policy tasks. Also KGB had to regards to priorities of local communist party interests. Local communist parties formed priorities of KGB in Baltic countries like to pay more attention to emigration, religion communities, former political prisoners. However, influence of Communist party to operation activity of KGB was limited. KGB had to give report and analysis about the situation in country and reports about their activity and sometimes to give recommendation how to act in one or other situation. But the final solution is made by communist party so the supreme power was communist party not KGB, although it had some instrument to influence party’s decisions. It is also seen common activity of KGB and communist party in struggle against dissents, priests, émigré, so not just KGB had to be blamed for persecution and repressions.

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