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About us

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The information wars carried out by Russia in the Baltic countries and in the West through history (armed resistance, holocaust, damage done by the occupation regime, events of the Second World War) interpreting it for their own benefit, while performing actions of false accusations and compromise, encourage the historians to not stand aside and fight the campaigns of lies. The publicity of the documents of KGB documents should contribute to the spreading of the truth and neutralisation of the lies.

The documents of the Soviet security held in the archives of Russia, which are inaccessible to the public and the historians, encourage the publicising of the KGB documents. And the KGB documents, remaining, though not fully complete, in the Baltic countries or e.g. Ukraine, reveal the essence of the soviet regime, operational principles, (coercion, control, fear, legal nihilism) the broad range of crimes of the occupants and the naked reality of the soviet life and they are accessible to the public with certain exceptions. This is not only relevant to the public and scientists of the Baltic countries, but to the scientists of Russia or Western countries, who are analysing the soviet system, KGB or the operation of secret services in general as well.

Therefore, the joint project of the scientists from the Baltic, which was started in 2007 together with a new concept and website, would give a new impulse to the historical research. The documents, which are going to be publicised should be more of a direct, general nature and dedicated to the wider international community. The chronological boundaries of the documents are 1940-1991, however, the greater attention will be paid to the publicising of the KGB documents after the year 1953. The publicised documents will be provided with a summary of a few lines, which were translated to English language. Main language of the website is English.

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