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The KGB 4th Board

When the KGB was established in 1954, the MVD 4th Board and the MVD 5th Department became the KGB 4th Board. First of all, this was an “ideological counterintelligence” structure. The main task of the Board was to expose the nationalist underground and the ties of anti-Soviet sympathisers with “émigré centres”. The Board had four departments, which were tasked with the following: uncovering the partisans’ ties with foreign secret agencies and émigré organisations; shadowing members of parties which existed in independent Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, the intelligentsia, and nationally minded Jews, Poles and Belarusians; searching for writers of anonymous anti-Soviet documents; and the direct annihilation of the remaining members of the armed underground. Besides fighting partisans, the staff of the Board uncovered anti-Soviet organisations and disrupted their activities; they also worked among the clergy of various denominations and active believers. The 4th Board terminated its work in 1960. It was the largest KGB branch in the 1950s.

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