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A list of questions, provided by LSSR KGB Chairman Maj Gen E. Eismuntas on 25 February 1989, according to which it is necessary to report every day to the LSSR KGB person on duty, on the basis of USSR order (No. 23, 23 February 1989)

This letter lists the events to be reported by the operational staff to the KGB person on duty every day. These are anti-Soviet acts; the cases of clarification of arms, explosives, ammunition; clarified and neutralized plans, directed against the Soviet power, strategically important objects, also the cases of mass disturbances and rejection to work.

Download document:  19890225_spisok_0811.pdf (372.4 kb) 

Date: 1989-02-25

Country: Lithuania
Category: Records
Type: List

All documents taken from Lithuanian Special Archives.
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