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A certificate dated 25 March 1963 and written by Lieutenant Colonel Petkevičius, deputy chairman of the LSSR KGB, about the surveillance among intellectuals

In this document, the KGB describes the prevailing moods among artists, disagreements between the old and new generation, processes and trends in the area of art, deviations from socialist realism, and the ‘negative’ impact of Western art trends. Information is provided about which pieces of art and creations of which artists (painters, composers, film producers) fail to comply with the criteria of socialist realism. Artists such as V. and S. Kisarauskas, J. Juzeliūnas, and L. Abarius were discussed in the KGB file.

Download document:  19630325_spravka_0910.pdf (3.6 Mb) 

Date: 1963-03-25

Country: Lithuania
Category: Records
Type: Certificate

All documents taken from Lithuanian Special Archives.
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