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All documents are divided into two categories – orders (or directive documents) and all other documents (reports, speeches, communications, plans, etc.). Orders may be searched either by number (for example, 0035), or by date of creation (for example, the year 1965).
All other documents may be searched by following parameters:

- Document titles
- Document type (plan, report, review, etc.)
- Document content (for example, “events in Czechoslovakia”)
- Keywords (i.e. authors, names, surnames, which may be found in the document, geographical names, agent names, events, etc.), also words, which may help to reflect the essence of the document.
- Country (Lithuania, Estonia, etc.)
- Document creation date (In the cases where it is impossible to identify the exact date of document creation, the approximate date is indicated, with account taken of the events described in the document (for example, 1960-01-01))

To simplify and speed up the search, please simultaneously use several parameters.

Content of the document:
Key words:
Country of origin:
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