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The KGB 2nd Board

In 1960, when the KGB 4th Board was disbanded the 2nd (counterintelligence) Board was established. It was in charge of “fighting against intelligence and subversive activities carried out by enemy secret services”. The board had four departments, which were engaged in the following: shadowing foreigners arriving in the country; the search for “very dangerous state criminals”; exposing anti-Soviet organisations and groups; and carrying out counterintelligence in border districts and in the surroundings of military objects. Its secondary functions were: searching for writers of anonymous anti-Soviet documents and those who disseminated them; counterintelligence in railway and air transport, the fishing fleet, and the most important industrial entities, research institutions, and civil defence headquarters. It also protected state secrets in state institutions, offices and enterprises, and monitored the employment of candidates to posts with the secret services, and those who dealt with secret documents. It was also engaged in infiltrating secret agents into foreign intelligence services and “émigré centres”, and in gathering and analysing data about the forms and methods of foreign secret services.

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