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A confidential report sent by Colonel Kireyev, deputy head of the Sixth Board of the Interior Ministry of the USSR, on 14 November 1953, to Colonel Bykov, head of the Lithuanian Sea Basin of the Lithuanian Interior Ministry. He was sent “A list of intelligence issues about military industrial entities in large ports of capitalist countries.”

It prescribed that reliable and experienced agents who had important posts on ships would be given concrete tasks to gather intelligence according to the list when the ships entered foreign ports. The list involved gathering data about ports in Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, West Germany, Italy, India, Pakistan and other countries.

Download document:  19531114_doklad_0706.pdf (1.4 Mb) 

Date: 1953-11-14

Country: Lithuania
Category: Records
Type: Report

All documents taken from Lithuanian Special Archives.
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