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Memorandum of MGB ESSR to the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Estonian Communist Party on the Work of the State Security Bodies of the Estonian SSR for the Periods of 1940-1941 and 1944-1948

In 1948, the ministries of the ESSR, including MGB (Ministry of State Security), reported on the course of Sovietizations. It is evident from the MGB report that it did not provide the full information, for example the statistics of arrests, to the local bodies. The greatest quota of the arrested, the so-called “traitors to their country” was not indicated. According to the statistical data, in 1945-1948 alone the ESSR NKGB-MGB bodies arrested 9377 people, excluding the participants of the armed resistance (the so-called “bandits”), in the main arrested by the NKVD bodies.

Download document:  19481016_zapiska_e1.pdf (3.6 Mb) 

Date: 1948-10-16

Country: Estonia
Category: Records
Type: Other

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