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4. Certificate of the KGB of the Lithuanian SSR about Jadvyga Beliauskienė

The certificate describes the resistance activities of Jadvyga Beliauskienė, which she joined during the partisan movement and for which she was sentenced in 1948. Following her return from prison, she continued to fight against the authorities. In 1978–1982, she contributed to the distribution of the religious samizdat publication Lietuvos Katalikų Bažnyčios Kronika and documents revealing crimes of the authorities and to the education of youth in the national and religious spirit, for which she was sentenced in 1982 under article 68 for ‘anti-Soviet campaigning and propaganda’.

Download document:  19830101_spravka_1108.pdf (704.4 kb) 

Date: 1983-01-01

Country: Lithuania
Category: Records
Type: Certificate

All documents taken from Lithuanian Special Archives.
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