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A reply dated 3 November 1962 and written by Colonel A. Randakevičius, chairman of the LSSR KGB, to letter No. 305 dated 12 July 1962 and written by A. Barkauskas, secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Lithuania (Lith. LKP CK), regarding writer Sirijos Gira19621103_otvet_0910

In this letter, the KGB directs the attention of the party to the ambiguous and changing position of Sirijos Gira with respect to the new government and of his creative work, which gives rise to suspicions since it fails to comply with the standards of socialist realism.

Download document:  19621103_otvet_0910.pdf (1.4 Mb) 

Date: 1962-11-03

Country: Lithuania
Category: Records
Type: Other

All documents taken from Lithuanian Special Archives.
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