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The functions of the Seventh Department of the KGB of the LSSR. // The 11 November 1959 paper written by Colonel P. Belikov, head of the Seventh KGB Department of the LSSR.

Lithuania 1955-11-11

The internal regulations for the staff and employees, in the enterprises, services, and organizations, which belong to KGB under the USSR CM

Lithuania 1973-05-01

The KGB activities aiming to split the Lithuanian émigrés and to discredit their leadership (from “the brief review of the operational activities of the First Department” by Col V. Karinauskas, Chief of LSSR KGB First Department, in 1945-1965.”)

Lithuania 1965-01-03

The material prepared by Col V. Karinauskas, Chief of LSSR KGB First Department, on 16 September 1988 according to the agent “Sekretorius” (Secretary), who operated abroad, about the plans of Lithuanians abroad related to the restructuring in the Soviet Union

Lithuania 1988-09-16

The model structure of the agent-operational and organizational measures for LSSR KGB town and regional departments, prepared by the Inspection under the LSSR KGB Chairman on 12 September 1983, for the year 1984

Lithuania 1983-09-12

The party – educational workplan for the year 1978 by Lt-Col E. Baltinas, Acting Chief of LSSR KGB Fifth Department, dated 11 January 1978

Lithuania 1978-01-11

The selection, training, teaching and use of agents. // The 19 August 1966 paper written by Lieutenant-Colonel A. Naras, head of the Second Department of the Second board of the KGB of the LSSR, about the agency.

Lithuania 1966-08-19

The strengthening of the struggle against so-called ideological subversive activities. // The 30 December 1982 plan of operative measures suggested by Colonel S. Sinkevičius, head of the First Branch of the Fifth Service of the KGB of the LSSR.

Lithuania 1982-12-30

The use of agents and reliable people. The impact of preventive measures. // The 3 January 1961 report of Captain T. Vilkas, an agent of the KGB of the Kapsukas district of the Lithuanian SSR, to the KGB Colonel A. Randakevičius.

Lithuania 1961-01-03

The use of “T”, “S”, “O” and “D” measures. // The 24 March 1977 paper written by Colonel E. Baltinas, deputy head of the Fifth Service of the KGB of the LSSR, about operative-technical services in the counterintelligence process.

Lithuania 1977-03-24

The work of the interrogation block of the KGB of the LSSR. // The 14 November 1959 document signed by Lieutenant-Colonel K. Petrauskas, head of the KGB interrogation block of the LSSR, about interrogation rooms.

Lithuania 1959-11-14

Top secret order No. 00111 of 10 June 1983 by SSRS KGB Chairman Maj-Gen V. Chebrikov


Top-secret report of 28 January 1974 of Major General J. Petkevičius, Chairman of the KGB of the Lithuanian SSR, to the KGB of the USSR

Lithuania 1974-01-28

USSR KGB Order No. 6c of 14 February 1980


USSR NKVD instruction for LSSR Internal Affairs Commissar A. Guzevičius on the work against Catholic clergy

Lithuania 1941-01-01

Verifying whether a safe house could be exposed. // The 30 March 1977 paper written by Lieutenant Colonel S. Matuzonis, senior inspector of the Inspectorate under the KGB of the LSSR, about the results of the use of the safe houses in the Tauragė district.

Lithuania 1977-03-30

Warning dated 19 July 1983 by J. Bakučionis, Chief Assistant to the Public Prosecutor of the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic and Chief Adviser for Justice

Lithuania 1983-07-10

Work plan of 6 February 1980 of Lt-Col A. Grakauskas, Head of LSSR KGB Secretariat

Lithuania 1980-02-06

Work schedule of Lieutenant Colonel S. Šimkus, head of Vilnius District KGB Department of the Lithuanian SSR, dated 15 May 1987 and approved by Colonel E. Eismuntas, chairman of the KGB of the Lithuanian SSR

Lithuania 1987-05-15
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