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Order on NKVD-NKGB ESSR in 1945 No. 00106/0012 “Оn the Measures for the Strengthening of the Fight against the Anti-Soviet Nationalist Underground and Its Armed Gangs in the Estonian SSR”

In September 1945 for the purpose of carrying out the instructions of L. Berya on the liquidation of the “anti-Soviet nationalist underground and its armed gangs (the Soviet term related to the armed resistance against the USSR occupational power)”, B. Kobulov, the USSR NKGB Deputy People’s Commissar and the ESSR NKGB and NKVD People’s Commissars gave orders on the improvement of the agency work.

Download document:  19450904_prikaz_e1.pdf (595.7 kb) 

Date: 1945-09-04

Category: Directive documents
Type: Order

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